Where does the name Kemmler come from?

According some heraldic books the name was previously Kembler or Kambler which was the name for an occupation to comb wool.
The first appearance of the name is given with about 1350.

My direct Kemmler line ends with Jacob Kemmler, born around 1590 in Ohmenhausen. The oldest ancestors with the name Kemmler is Johann Kemmler born around 1538 in Wankheim. During my research I found out that  there exist multiple Kemmler lines in Wankheim and in the neighborhood like Jettenburg, Maehringen and Ohmenhausen. As the families have married under each other, most of the Kemmler’s will be connected to multiple
Kemmler lines. This was one of the reasons to spread out with my research to evaluate, how the lines of the neighbor
cities are related to each other and it is very interesting to see, how the descendants flow over the various neighbor

Which variants of spellings do exist?

The normal spelling is Kemmler. However you can find in Germany, France and USA also the typing Kemler,  exceptionally you also find  Kimmler or Kimler.  In Bessarabia the name changed to Kämmler. The children of Sigmund Kemmler, born May 9, 1798 in Wankheim  who emigrated in 1817 to Bessarabia receive the modified spelling of the name.

Where did I find the name Kemmler

Before 1600 I only have the Kemmler only in 3 cities: Wankheim, Gönningen und Ohmenhausen.  50 years later the name can also be found in the neighborhood as in Reutlingen, Betzingen, Jettenburg, Maehringen, Pfrondorf and Dusslingen.  Therefore I would assume that the origin is somewhere within the triangle of the cities Tuebingen, Reutlingen and Goenningen.
The Kemmler line in Ebingen starts around  1720. So far I couldn’t make the connection because I haven’t completely researched the city of Tuebingen.  Further Kemmler hotspots are in Zornheim close to Mainz (around 1720) and in Burghaun nearby Fulda (around 1720).  So far also the connection is missing to the core branches.  The Kemmler seedsman as well as the Kemmler hunter dynasties in Goenningen left their hometown quite normally and so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they settled somewhere and build out a new Kemmler hotspot.
Today you can find the name Kemmler in whole Germany. Due to emigration it does also exist in Switzerland, France, Hungary, Romania, U.S. and Canada.

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