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Kemmler in Australia found

Kemmler in Australia

Two days ago I found by accident my first Kemmler emigrants in Australia.

Originally I was comparing my Findagrave entries with generic search results for the name Kemmler, when suddenly an entry in Australia showed up.

With a concrete search for Australia I found additional entries.

Johann Adam and Margarethe Elizabeth Kemmler Bauer

Margarethe Elizabeth Kemmler, born in Zwingelhausen, and Johann Adam Bauer born in Helfersberg, emigrated to Australia shortly after their marriage in 1855 in Zwingelhausen. They left Germany with their one year old son, who was born before their marriage. 

The couple raised four additional children to manhood. They mostly married emigrants as well.

Adam and Margaret Elizabeth died in Oakey, in the state of Queensland, west of Brisbane.

Karl and Elisabeth Kemmler

Based on my current knowledge Karl and Elisabeth Kemmler, who emigrated from Tuebingen with their son  Kurt Hans Jörg after 1954 to Australia. His sister Gisela was likely born in  Australia.

Kurt died 2016 in New South Wales. For this family additional research is necessary.

Jakob Felix Kemmler

According the church records in Zwingelhausen, Jakob Felix Kemmler, born January 1, 1838 in Zwingelhausen emigrated at the age of 17 years to Australia.

Sofar no trace of him could be found.

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