In order to better understand where the emigrants settled and were it is worthwhile to intensify the research I have tried to map my database to geographic maps using some neat software. As a basis to determine the location I have used the place of death as this is a final information and normally indicates also a longer settlement. Naturally this approach has the disadvantage that not all records have the information about the place of death.

As a first step there are two maps showing the USA with the exception of the states of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Each state has its own color. In this geographic map I have projected the data from my genealogy program. All the records have been mapped to state, county and cities. The map details have been taken from the National Atlas of the United States. The best set of information is the allocation to counties as this information is available for nearly every record. Cities has a much lower level of accuracy as I very often only know the township and not the city in detail. The information where the township is known is not reflected in the city maps.

I’m just displaying one map currently as I have to do a refresh of data.

Interactive maps

I have published a page where I have posted several interactive maps including a short video how to use the maps. You can also reach the page using the menu

Map of known burials

Based on the information stored in my database (as at July 22nd, 2022) about know burials I have preparared the subsquent interactive map. The map reflects 3,874 entries in total

Emigration maps online

Based on the statistics  produced in September I have prepared now the respective maps using ARCGIS Online from ESRI.

Distribution of the name Kemmler between 1600 – 1900

Distribution over time I always wanted to visualize how the name Kemmler have spread out over the centuries. With this post I try to give it a shot. In a