My research started with the area called Haerten which consists of the five towns Wankheim, Maehringen, Immenhausen, Jettenburg and Kusterdingen where the administration is located. During a reorganization process in 1975, they have been combined to one town called Kusterdingen, which has been the largest of the five.

For these 5 towns I have recorded all Kemmlers as well as all emigrants as far as the information was available. You will find more
information in this respect on the Emigration page.

As said over the time I have extended my Kemmler research to the cities nearby and from time to time I included also some emigration information as there were requests going on.


So beside the five Haerten cities I have also created individual pages for: Tuebingen, Moessingen, Dusslingen, Gomaringen,
Hinterweiler, Stockach, Pfullingen, the city of Reutlingen and their formerly independent cities of Betzingen  Bronnweiler, Goenningen, Ohmenhausen, Reicheneck. The information provided is not always complete. Any  contribution would be highly appreciated.