Coat of arms of Wankheim

Wankheim is the first town on the right hand side of Highway 28 coming from Tuebingen. Due to the close location to the city of Tuebingen the town have attracted a lot of new people. The core town is still dominated by larger farms.

The town of Wankheim is mentioned the first time in 1111. Hartmuot de Wachein did a testimony in Schaffhausen. In 1296 the Dukes Eberhard and Rudolf von Tuebingen have sold Wankheim to the Mayor of Reutlingen, Albrecht Becht. In 1482 the Obervogt Georg von Ehingen  purchased Wankheim via the Monastery of Bebenhausen. In the 17th century half of the town was in the possession of Sophie Marie von Hohenfeld, who bought 1711 the Kreßbach castle. In 1749 she was succeeded by the family of Saint-André, who governed the town until 1885. They also allowed the Israelites to settle down in Wankheim.

Johann Jacob Maz was the first, who emigrated in 1760 to America. In 1805 Wankheim became a part of Wuerttemberg.

The chord of the church in Wankheim called “Jakobuskirche” was built by Clas Binder. After a fire the main part of the church was rebuilt in 1781. Larger renovations took place in 1899, 1958 and 1997.

In 1776 the Jewish people got settling rights. In 1807 the first Jewish school was built and in 1833 the synagogue. In 1882 the Jewish community was revealed, because all have moved to the larger cities around Stuttgart, giving them better trading possibilities. The Jewish cemetery, which is located between Wankheim and Kusterdingen can still be visited after announcement of the visit.

Local representative:

Dr. Hannes Kurz
Obere Straße 24
72127 Kusterdingen-Wankheim
Phone: +49 7071 33183

Last names of emigrants

Alexander, Bauer, Beuter, Braun, Dessauer, Dirr , Entenmann, Fauser, Faußer, Frey, Früh (Frueh), Gölz (Goelz), Grauer, Haiber, Hirsch, Hoch, Hofmann, Hoß (Hoss), Kaiser, Kaufmann, Kemmler, Koch, Kühbauch (Kuehbauch), Kuttler, Lang, Levi, Levisohn, Liebmann, Maz, Mazinger, Neher, Orthmann, Ott, Polak, Raiser, Rosenberger, Rosenstraus, Schäfer (Schaefer), Schall, Schettler, Schwarzkopf, Singer, Spiro, Trost, Walker, Welker

Lutheran Parish in Wankheim

Pfarrerin Golde Wissner
Gölzstr. 2
72127 Kusterdingen-Wankheim
Telefon: +49 7071 31962

The Lutheran parish records are available locally, but they may not be accessible to the public. Copies of the books and
registers have been microfilmed by the Wuerttembergische Evangelische Kirche. Copies of the microfilms are available
via the Mormon Church. The parish does also host the data of Jettenburg.


The first mentioned Kemmler in Wankheim is Johannes Kemmler, born  1538. From his wife, Anna only the first name is known.

Some pictures:

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Emigration paths into the USA

Typical emigration ports The emigration from Wuerttemberg happened mostly via the following ports: Le Havre (France),  Antwerp (Belgium), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Bremen and Hamburg (Germany). The crossing of the Atlantic was
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The name Kemmler became Kämmler (Kaemmler)

Sigmund Kemmler, born May 9, 1798 in Wankheim emigrated in 1817 via Reicheneck to Bessarabia. His parents had moved from Wankheim to Reicheneck. In Arzis in Bessarabia he married Anna
Walker Barn which was owned by Jacob Walker and known as “German Stock Farm

My grandfather’s barn

From Regena Trant Schantz – December 2002 Last summer I visited my great-grandfather’s barn for the first time. My father had often talked about his grandfather but I did not

First visit to the Walker family in Hartfort City, IN

I had already an intense email contact with  Brenda (Walker) Kearns and with Gena (Trant) Schantz establishing the link with their closest relatives in Germany, Wilma (Walker) Hipp in Wannweil
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Where did I find the highest density of Kemmler’s?

Naturally it is mathematical hard to say, but after my actual status in my database I can clearly say, Wankheim is no. 1 followed by Goenningen and Ohmenhausen.

Where are my Kemmler’s from?

My research has started with my hometown Wankheim and the surrounding towns like Maehringen, Jettenburg, Immenhausen, Kusterdingen (the Haerten area), Stockach, Betzingen, Reicheneck, Pfullingen, Ohmenhausen, Bronnweiler, Goenningen, Undingen, Gomaringen, Hinterweiler,

Tombstone of Katherina Walker on Lust cemetery

Katherine Walker was the daughter of the emigrants of Johann Georg Walker and Elisabeth Barbara Durr.
Wanderbuch of Johann Georg Walker

Wanderbuch of Johann Georg Walker

From relatives  I have found in Crawford Co. I got a copy of a “Wanderpass”, it’s like an early passport. The cover of the “Wanderbuch” of Johann Georg Walker. It

Johann Georg Walker buried on Lust Cemetery

This is the tombstone of Johann Georg Walker who emigrated in 1834 from Wankheim and was the first of several Walker emigrants. Three of his nephews followed him. All of
Toilette arm chair

Walter Bauer’s dress museum

The individual page for Walter Bauer’s dress museum went online.    
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John Diefenbach visits his Bauer relatives in Germany

Beginning of June everything had to be organized on a short notice.   John Diefenbach, descendant of Johann Georg Bauer (*23.9.1810), who emigrated in 1832 from Wankheim to Illinois, wanted to