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Walker (E)

The name Walker is as common as Kemmler in my hometown area. I’m aware of at least one case where also on the Walker side all parents have been Walker from various tribes of the family.

Thanks to the close cooperation with my cousins Brenda Kearns and Gena Schantz in the US, who are descendants of two Walker brothers from Wankheim I have a number of great documents and information on the Walker families.

Posts related to the Walker name

Lawrence Walker

“Uncle” Lawrence Walker, born in 1928 in Hartford City, passed away on Dec 24 in his nursing home in Newburgh, IN. Uncle Lawrence was the...

Charles Walker, grand-son of the emigrant, Johann Friedrich Walker, passed away on Jun 8, 2018 after a blessed life of 96 years. He was still...

Betty June Walker (92), the mother of my wonderful cousin, Brenda Walker Kearns passed away on May 31st, 2017 in her home in Hartford City....

After a longer break I can continue my postings on the website. Today I will invite you to a little journey through my photo archive...

In memory of my beloved father who would have become 82 years old yesterday.


From Regena Trant Schantz – December 2002 Last summer I visited my great-grandfather’s barn for the first time. My father had often talked about his...

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