The town of Jettenburg is on the southern border of the Haerten area and is separated by the highway 28 from the other towns in the  north. In the last years the town of Betzingen and Jettenburg are  getting closer and closer due to the industrial extension of Betzingen.
Jettenburg was mentioned first 1100 as Utinbrugge. In the 12 hundred century there was a Konrad von Jettenburg living in Strassburg. In 1330 the oldest family name is Rentz. The first major, who is known by name was Gruwer (Grauer) in 1440. In 1442 Eberhard Becht von Reutlingen sold Jettenburg to Wuerttemberg.
In 1752 Matthaeus Bader was the first who left Jettenburg with his family and emigrated to Pennsylvania, It’s worth to mention that there is a huge Bader researcher community in the U.S. which have explored the descendants of Matthaeus Bader quite intensively.
One of them, William “Bill”  Border has created a book about
the Bader family.

Worth to mention at this point is Karl & Helene Bader’s Heimatmuseum – a historical museum located in the old farm house of the Bader family. It’s a  precious place to visit if you want to understand a little bit more about the living conditions of the people in the former days.


The first in Jettenburg is Jacob Kemmler born around 1617. His birth place is not 100% secure but we assume it was in Jettenburg. At least does he start a Kemmler line in Jettenburg. He was first married to Catharina Grauer and second to Anna Hüming.

Administration – Local representative

Georg Brucklacher
Auchtertstraße 2
72127 Kusterdingen-Jettenburg
Phone: +49 7071 32237

Lutheran Parish in Jettenburg

The parish in Jettenburg is part of the parish in Wankheim

Last names of emigrants

Bader, Bauer, Braun, Digel, Dürr, Ebinger

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