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Kemmler (E)

Where does the name Kemmler come from?

According heraldic sources the spelling of the name was Kembler or Kambler.  There is high likelyhood that the name was originally a description of an occupation. for combing wool. 

The name shows up for the first time at around 1350. 

My Kemmler line is ending with Jacob Kemmler, who was born around 1590 in Ohmenhausen. 

The oldest Kemmler ancestor was  Johann  or Hans Kemmler, who married Maria Faulhaber in Gomaringen around 1592. During the research I noticed quickly that there is a strong relationship between the various Kemler lines.  

There are several cases in my ancestry tree where all four parties are a born Kemler. 

Which variants of spellings do exist?

The normal spelling is Kemmler. However you can find in Germany, France and USA also the typing Kemler,  exceptionally you also find  Kimmler or Kimler.  In Bessarabia the name changed to Kämmler. The children of Sigmund Kemmler, born May 9, 1798 in Wankheim  who emigrated in 1817 to Bessarabia receive the modified spelling of the name.

Where did I find the name Kemmler

The oldest appearance in my hometown area is from 1487 when Hans (Hennslin) Kemmler from Gomaringen signed a treaty with the monastery of Bebenhausen! Thanks to Beatrice Burst for this great finding.

Around 1550 the name Kemmler can be found in the church records in Gönningen, Sondelfingen and  Wankheim .   100 years later the name can also be found in the neighborhood as in Dußlingen, Betzingen,  Jettenburg, Maehringen, Pfrondorf, Ohmenhausen and Reutlingen.  Therefore the heartland of the origin of the name is somewhere within the triangle of the cities Tuebingen, Reutlingen and Goenningen. 

In 1630 I could find the first time the name Kemmler  in the church records of Großenmoor in the state of Hessen. However the church records obviously start there.  It turned out that there is the second hightest density of the name in the cities of Rothenkirchen and Burghaun .

In 1785 the name shows up the first time in the United States in Loudon County, Virginia referring back to the emigrant of Johann Jacob  Kimler born in Cologne. I still have some question mark about the birth place of that person but I haven’t done more investigation to proove the correctness of the information.

Further traces of the name could be found 

  • 1697 I found the earliest trace of the name Kemmler in the city of Zornheim in Palatinate. 
  • 1720 in Ebingen (link is still missing)
  • 1730 in Transsylvania (Siebenbuergen), Romania
  • 1750 in Cologne (this one has to be examined further)
  • 1768 in Muessen in Westfalia and in Majos, Hungary
  • 1772 in Bohemia 
  • 1790 in Poland
  • 1800 in Vilnius, Lithiuana
  • 1820 in Teplitz, Bessarabia (today Ukraine) where Sigmund Kemmler from Wankheim was the co-founder of the settlement
  • 1865 in Russia
I still have to do a more detailed research in the named places above to verify the information and validate if there is any connections to existing lines from Wuerttemberg.
Today you can find the name Kemmler in whole Germany. Due to emigration it does also exist in Switzerland, France, Hungary, Romania, U.S. and Canada.
I have visiualized the appearance of the name Kemler in two maps, which you can find on my interatice map page. 

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