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Tuebingen is the old university city and capital of the county of Tuebingen. It was formerly the seat of the Duke of Barbarossa. On the riverside of the Neckar you will find the old castle and in the old center you will find the city hall with wonderful paintings on the front. A lot of the farmers of the Haerten area attended the vegetable market in front of the city hall and sold their products
there. Some are still doing this today.

For additional information you can use There is also a web cam installed on the City Hall and shows you the market place in front of the city hall.


Conrad Kemmler born Jun 19, 1685 started together with his wife  Margarethe Noppel the Kemmler line in Tuebingen. The ancestors of the founder of the well-known building material retailing company Kemmler are as well from Wankheim. Additional research has to be done in Tuebingen.

Last names of the emigrants

Bahnmüller, Holoch, Kemmler, Mozer, Wittel


Universitaetsstadt Tuebingen
Friedrichstraße 21
72072 Tuebingen
Phone: +49 7071 204-0

Lutheran parish in Tübingen

Evangelische Gesamtkirchengemeinde Tuebingen
Hechinger Strasse 13
72072 Tuebingen
Phone: +49 7071 9304 12

The Lutheran parish records are available locally, but they may not be accessible to the public. Copies of the books and registers have been microfilmed by the Wuerttembergische Evangelische Kirche. Copies of the mircofilms are available as well from the Mormon church or Online via, or


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