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Shetler (Schettler)

The name Schettler shows up quite often in my ancestral tree.

Therefore it is not a big surprise. that I started the search for the Schettler emigrants. The search was quite successful and I could establish multiple contacts to the descendants of the Schettler emigrants who are distant relatives of mine.

The descendants provided me also with a some letters the siblings have sent to each other and also to the family in Germany. 

Here all posts related to the Shetler (Schettler) name:

Brief Johann Adam Schettler

In 1832 Johann Georg Schettler emigrated from Wankheim as the first one of the Schettler family to Amerika and settled in  West Unity, Williams Co.,...

Typical emigration ports The emigration from Wuerttemberg happened mostly via the following ports: Le Havre (France),  Antwerp (Belgium), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Bremen and Hamburg (Germany). The...

A Brief Statement of My Transit History of Life I, George Shetler, a citizen of German township, Fulton County, State of Ohio, U.S. of America,...

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