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Emigration to Williams Co., OH

Closest relatives found in Williams Co., OH

I’m very happy that I could find my closest relatives in the U.S. being the descendants of Sigmund Bauer, born Jun 6, 1872 in Wankheim and died Aug 12, 1980 in Toledo, OH. Sigmund (Simon) is buried on the Edon Cemetery together with his wife Mary A. Young, daughter of Johann Martin Jung, an emigrant of the neighbor city, Kusterdingen. Simon and his Mary had 8 children, some of them have been living in Williams Co. and some in Toledo, Ohio.

In September 2003 I visited Riverside cemetery in Montpelier with my Bauer relatives to see the gravesides of the brothers Jacob, Ulrich and Frederick Bauer who emigrated from Immenhausen. As I walked around on the cemetery I discovered many familiar names from my hometown area. Assuming that a lot more of the emigrants may have been settling in this area I purchased the Florence Township Cemetery book published by the Williams Co. Genealogical Society.

After reading the book I have discovered 56 emigrants from the cities of Wankheim, Jettenburg, Maehringen, Kusterdingen and Immenhausen which I already had recorded in my database based on the book of Dr. Schmid and many of their descendants on Riverside , Edon and Boisher cemeteries.

The Edon Cemetery is by far the leading cemetery of my recorded emigrants.

Search for ancestory

The Historical Society and I are very interested to know where the emigrants finally settled and what happened to them in the New World. Therefore we would be very much interested to get in touch with the descendants of the emigrants and we would be happy to share the ancestral information with them and help to re-establish broken links in family relationships if desired. Check out the follwing for emigration information: With the name  and birth date of your ancestor I should be able to match it with the data in my database. In case of a match I will be happy to provide additional information about your German roots and family relationships.

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