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Bauer (E)

Bauer ist the maternal branch of my father’s line.  The name is nearly as common as Kemmler on the Haerten area. The overall spread is naturally much higher than  Kemmler.

My Bauer line goes back to 1350. My cousin, Harald Bauer from Kusterdingen did some research in the monastery of Pfullingen, who was renting the farm to the Bauer family for centuries.  I would like to remark that the ancestral relationship is not a 100% waterproofed. At least to my knowledge there is no final confirmation the farm was handed over always from the father to the son.

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Charles Walker and Emil Kemmler

In memory of my beloved father who would have become 82 years old yesterday.


Johann Ulrich Bauer, called John emigrated in 1869 from Immenhausen to the U.S. together with his brother Jacob. He married Friederike Mechler in Aug 28,...

Friedrich “Fred” Bauer, the youngest of the Bauer brother’s left Immenhausen and followed his brothers Jacob und Johann Ulrich together with his sisters Johanna Friederike...

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