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Farmmuseum – Historical collection in the Bader farm-house in Jettenburg

Karl and Helene Bader open their historical collection in their old farm-house in  Jettenburg in 1992

The collection is based in a completely renovated farm-house with associated stable and barn plus a wide area with storage facilities, baking house, goose and chicken house. There are comfortable sitting capabilities in the baking house, in the barn and in the outside area including modern sanitation allow a certain comfort during visits.

The farm-house was built 1892 and was setup in a way that the daily practice of the old days can be shown to the visitors. The living room, the bed room and the kitchen are equipped with all details. On the ground floor – as usual – is the stable. In the barn a number of original agriculture equipment and wooden boxes are shown.

The vivid ambience of all areas are produced by using window puppets and animal figures in original to produce original scenarios. So the visitors get’s close with a farmer with two cows in the stable, a young women in the bedroom and a two people sitting in the living room.

Helene Bader at the opening of the museum

A core part of the exhibition are the costumes and dress sections. More than 30 men size puppets are dressed up in daily or Sunday clothing of the various cities of the Haerten. In lighted showcases the pearl sewed accessories are presented which have been a true treasure for the women in these days. Helene Bader has preserved these things with a lot of care.

A special scene is shown in the “winter room”. The visitor sees the scene of a long winter evening on the Haerten. A father is repairing wooden toys of the kids or defect wooden harvest equipment. At the wall wooden skis are lending to the wall.

In the outside area of the museum chicken  and ducks cluck between the harvest machines, hay trailer and presses which have been well maintained by Karl Bader.  Between those equipments there is a »Leutschinder«, a one axe trailer which was drawn by men. If you look at it you understand it’s awful name immediately.

After a reservation by phone it is possible to visit the museum and get a tour. Every year the museum is the location for the annual party of the Historical Society which takes place in August. After the death of Karl and Helene Bader the Historical Society supports the owner Mathias Bader in the maintenance of the location and the collection.

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