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On this page you have the option to change the settings for the privacy (Cookies). With the consent to the various settings you agree to the display/access to the respective services. If a map or a video is not displayed very likely this is depending on your privacy settings.

With the following links you can modify the settings, see the history of your settings and revoke your agreements completely.

Change privacy settings

Chanage privacy settings


History of your settings

History of your settings


Revoke consents

Revoke consents


Bedauerlicherweise funktioniert der Link zu meiner Auswandererliste nicht wegen Serverproblemen bei Rootsmagic. 

Bitte benutzen Sie den stattdessen den nachfolgenden Link:

oder benutzen den Link im Auswanderungs-Menü.

The links to my rootsmagic online emigrant list doesn’t work at the moment due to server issues at

Please use the following link instead:

or use the link in the emigration menu. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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