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From here you have access to additional family names beside the Kemmler name. For each family name listed below exists a seperate page.

In case the searched family name is not listed below you can try to use the category drop down menu in the footer. 

Subsequently are the indivudal names pages listed.

Bauer ist the maternal branch of my father’s line.  The name is nearly as common as Kemmler on the Haerten area. The overall spread is...

The name Grauer plays an important role in my ancestor tree as well. Due to the fact that I have built out a number of...

The name Schettler shows up quite often in my ancestral tree. Therefore it is not a big surprise. that I started the search for the...

The name Walker is as common as Kemmler in my hometown area. I’m aware of at least one case where also on the Walker side...

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