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This website is  all about the name Kemmler and its spelling variations and the emigration from my hometown area (Haerten).

About the name Kemmler

Different spellings

According heraldic sources the original spelling was Kembler or Kambler. Very likely the name was derived from the profession of wool coombing.

The first evidence of the name was found around 1350. 

Today the following spellings are used: Kemler, Kimmler, Kimler, Kämler or Kaemler.

First evidence of the name

The oldest evidence of the name I have found is dated from 1487.

The name is first found in Baden-Wuerttemberg in the counties of Tuebingen and Reutlingen. 

A second hotspot was found in Hessen around 1630 in the cities of Grossenmoor, Rothenkirchen and Burghaun.

For more information about the name Kemmler please click here.

Latest posts

Mid of June I received a surprising email of my genealogy friend, Beatrice Burst, from Gomaringen. Beatrice has found in the State Archive of Baden-Wuerttemberg...

Currently I’m trying to find hints about the whereabout of my emigrated Kemmler’s. Scanning through the newspapers I have found new locations in Europe where...


During the research in the church records you will come across entries, where parts of the whole family emigrated.

These entries quickly attracted my attention and I got in contact with researchers being a descendant from those emigrants. 

After I found out that a local historian, Dr. Walter Schmid, had written the book “Die Auswanderung von den Härten” I was hooked by the topic. and I have extracted all emigrants and one or two generations of ancestors from the churhch books.

In the last years I have intensified the research about the settlements of the emigrants and tried to find out more about their descendants. 

The success ratio is at 54,60 %

More information about the emigration topic can be found here: 

Latest posts

In the past years I have received pictures of the emigrants of the Haerten area or I could extract one from a published obituary.  In...

By accident I have found the newspaper article about  the death and the last will of John A. Schafer. John A. Schafer was born as...

The Haerten cities

With the click on the image you get to the detailed description of the city.


Other topics

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