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A phenomenal documenation of emigration from Gomaringen

Buch "Das Glück in der Fremde gesucht" Gomaringer Auswanderer 1679 - 1957

Beatrice Burst and Birgit Walliser-Nuber have opened a new chapter in the documentation of emigration from the former Kingdom of Wuerttemberg.

In their recently released book

“Das Glück in der Fremde gesucht”
Gomaringer Auswanderer
1679 – 1957

Editor: Geschichts- und Altertumsverein Gomaringen e.V.
Publischer: Gomaringer Verlag & Druck GmbH
ISBN: 978-3926969-35-4

They have documented around  6.500 – 7.000 emigrants from  Gomaringen, Hinterweiler and Stockach, very often also with additional information about their destiny and their settlement.  In many cases they also provide pictures from the emigrants of their living.

For any researcher interested in emigration this book is a must. Unfortunately it is in German only.

“Beatrice I’m completely overwhelmed”.

Cover of the book "Das Glück in de Fremde gesucht" - Searched the luck in the foreign country
Cover of the book "Das Glück in de Fremde gesucht" - Searched the luck in the foreign country

If you have interest in the book and would like to order it, then please  use the form below to get in contact with the author. As the shipping fees variy quite a bit you can’t order it automatically, but you can use the form to express your interest and you will receive an offer for the total cost of the purchase. .

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