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Visit to the Hoefles festival in Jettenburg

Besuch Emil Bader in Jettenbutg

From Emil Bader

On August 18, 2019 I, Emil Ferdinand Bader, visited together with my wife, our son and his partner the Hoefle festival in Jettenburg. We arrived on Saturday afternoon in Jettenburg and decided to have a first look to the location. We met the whole crew, who was busy with the setup having lunch. As we didn’t want to disturb we checked in in our hotel in Tuebingen. The day ended with a tour through the wonderful ancient city of Tuebingen. On Sunday morning we headed back to Jettenburg, where the Hoefle festival had already started and most of the places were already taken. Hans Kern welcomed us as special guests.We were deeply impressed by the tour through the museum by Mr. Raisch as he could contribute a lot of interesting episodes out of the history of Jettenburg.

My family descends from Johann Georg Bader (1788-1870). He had 12 children, from which 4 of them emigrated around 1860 into Switzerland. My grandfather, Ernst Friedrich Bader had three sons, only my grandfather, Ferdinand Bader, had sons himself.  One of them was my father, Emil Bader, who once told me that our family originated from Jettenburg.

For my father and his siblings that was never a topic. Possibly due to the history and the reservations after WW2 against the German neighbor. For my generation the ancestry is not a topic anymore, therefore I have started the research about the ancestry of my family. During the research I found a lot of interesting facts, for example the death rate of the children, about which I have thought a lot. I hope we will return to the home of my ancestors in the future.

At the end I wanted to thank Mr. Kern and Mr. Kemmler, only with their help I could find my way to my ancestors.

Emil Bader

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