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John Diefenbach visits his Bauer relatives in Germany

John & Terry Diefenbach in Wankheim

Beginning of June everything had to be organized on a short notice.   John Diefenbach, descendant of Johann Georg Bauer (*23.9.1810), who emigrated in 1832 from Wankheim to Illinois, wanted to visit the hometown of his ancestors and to meet some relatives as well as doing some research.

He had planned his trip to Germany already some time ago to trace the ancestors of Johann Georg Bauer’s wife, Elisabeth Lemmer who came from Hachborn in Hessen. Shortly before he left the US he discovered after years of search that Johann Georg Bauer was born in Wankheim. Naturally he didn’t want to miss this opportunity receiving more information about his ancestors.  With the support of the internet, the contacts were quickly made.

After a short research in my database it became obvious that John was one of my closest relatives in the U.S. on my Bauer side of the family.  The same applied to Ernst Bauer and his family in Kusterdingen.  With the support of the president of the Historical Society, Hans Kern and his team it was possible to organize a respective program for John and his wife.

On Sunday, June 28, 2015, John and his wife Terry arrived at my parents home in Wankheim. As Terry spoke perfect German, communication wasn’t a problem and we had a great bilingual discussion.  After a joint lunch in the Waldhorn in Mähringen, Hans Kern took over the guests and went with them to the church party in Wankheim where already Andreas and Karin Bauer from the Bauer branch in Kusterdingen were waiting of them. Also the Major, Dr. Soltau invited the guests to the City Hall and welcomed them in the name of the city.

I’m pretty sure that this was not the last visit of John and his wife in Wankheim and Kusterdingen. We hope he will come back soon.

Ruediger Kemmler

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