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The focus of my research is the name Kemmler on the one hand but also the emigrants of my hometown area. Both aspects have been incorporated in this website to encourage information exchange. […]

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New locations of origin of the name Kemmler found

Currently I’m trying to find hints about the whereabout of my emigrated Kemmler’s. Scanning through the newspapers I have found new locations in Europe where people emigrated from which I didn’t had on my map [...]
View on Germersheim

Kemmler in Gebersheim have their offspring in Ohmenhausen

Kemmler (E)
By accident I detected that there existed Kemmler families in Gebersheim near the city of Leonberg. After an more indept view I noticed that the Kemmler family haver their roots in Ohmenhausen. Martin Kemmler, born  [...]
Kemmler (E)

Kemmler in Pfullingen are originating from Ohmenhausen

After intensive research in the birth and marriage books of the Protestant Church in Pfullingen I was succesful to find the link of the Kemmler line in Pfullingen with the Kemmler in Ohmenhausen. Conrad Kemmler [...]
Kemmler (E)

Kemmler in Burghaun, Hessen

This year I have finally found some time to intensify my research again. Beside quality checks of my data I have startet a larger project. Already a number of years ago I found out that [...]
Kemmler (E)

Surprising Kemmler discovery in Sondelfingen

When I was looking  up the church records in Sondelfingen I surprisingly found some very old entries for the Kemmler name between 1570 and 1620. But even more surprising was the fact that after that [...]

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Local News

Kemmler Christmas beer
Esslingen (E)

The Kemmler Brewery

I was quite surprised when I discovered that there exists or better existed a Kemmler Brewery and a Kemmler beer. I could figure out, that  Johann Georg Kemmler, born Jun 06, 1827 in Wankheim moved […]

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