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Seed traders of Goenningen travelled whole Europe and the US?

Goenninger seed trade museum

Trading with seeds was also a long tradition in Kemmler families. They travelled whole Europe to sell their seeds. Some of the death recordings give a good overview about the spread.  The travel activities must have started already before 1800.  It looks like that also women did travelling as well. Depending to the final target and route they took they covered distances of about 2,000 and 2,500 km on land and ship! Railway didn’t exist at that point in time.

Last name, given name Birth date Death date Place of death
Kemmler, Johann Martin 11 Feb 1739 22 Feb 1800 Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Kemmler, Abraham Friedrich 1 Nov 1783 18 Jan 1829 Eperies, Hungary
Kemmler, Andreas Martin 9 Mai 1786 16 Jan 1835 Odessa, Ukraine
Kemmler, Johann Wilhelm 1 Feb 1807 15 Jan 1857 Odessa, Ukraine
Kemmler, Jakob Heinrich 21 Mai 1812 17 Jan 1842 Basel, Switzerland
Kemmler, Barbara 29 Mai 1819 02. Nov 01 Wetzikon, Switzerland
Kemmler, Johann Wilhelm 4 Jan 1835 1 Dez 1871 Galatz, Romania
Kemmler, Samuel Gottlob 30 Apr 1842 09. Okt 14 Russia
Kemmler, Georg Eduard 1 Mär 1850 1880 Odessa, Ukraine
Kemmler, Maria Gottliebin 28 Apr 1850 25. Dez 36 Straubing
Kemmler, Paul Rudolph 31 Jul 1860 28. Apr 23 Liegnitz, Poland (today)
Kemmler, Karolina Friederike 7 Jun 1861 Switzerland

Not clear is whether same traders also travelled in the USA to sell their seeds to the emigrated German communities. For the following people no emigration remark is recorded. For the sisters  Ernestine and Bertha I would guess more on an emigration than a trade trip.

Any hint would be highly appreciated.

Kemmler, Andreas 13 Okt 1832 16 Apr 1867 Mansfield, Richland Co., OH
Kemmler, Karl Adolph 11 Feb 1849 Nordamerika
Kemmler, Ernestine Mathilde 8 Feb 1859 Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL
Kemmler, Gustav Friedrich 10 Sep 1860 19 Okt 1877 Saint Louis, Saint Louis City, MO
Kemmler, Bertha 5 Feb 1868 1887 Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL


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