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Emigration – Overall views

2015 Top Ten Auswanderungsländer

Top 10 Distribution according countries

201510 Top 10 Countries - OverallThis graph shows the extremely high portion (81%) of emigrants who settled in the U.S.

Top 10 distribution according countries – for the name Kemmler only

201510 Top 10 Countries KemmlerFor the Kemmler portion the US part is about 10% smaller than for all emigrants.

Top 10  distribution according countries for emigrants from the Haerten area

201510 Top 10 Countries from the Haerten

The emigrants from the Haerten area show a quite similar distribution than the overall number of emigrants.

Overall distribution by cities

201510 Top 10 Cities OverallThere is no big surprise that Florence Twp. in OH  has a leading position. However the no 2. with Sapiezanka in Transylvania surprised me totally.

Distribution by cities for the name Kemmler

201510 Top 10 Cities Overall KemmlerSelecting only the name Kemmler shows again quite a big difference to the overall distribution. New Orleans dominates the ranking with a share of 25%.

Distribution by cities for the emigrants from the Haerten area

201510 Top 10 Cities Overall HaertenNo surprise here. This chart is close to the overall distribution.

Files for download

In order to allow you to do your own analysis  I have stored the underlying Excel file on the web server for download.

In case of a non-North American category you will find the area in the county field.

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