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Kemmler in Burghaun, Hessen

Map Burghaun-Rothenkirchen

This year I have finally found some time to intensify my research again. Beside quality checks of my data I have startet a larger project.

Already a number of years ago I found out that in Burghaun and Rothenkirchen in Hessen there is another hot spot of the name Kemmler. Over time there even co-exist both ways of typing the name Kemmler and Kemler.

The existence is nearly equally spread between Burghaun and Rothenkirchen. I know that from this lineage the Kemmler in Moerfelden near Frankfurt originated, however I haven’t found any proof yet whether these Kemmler are also linked to the Kemmler in Wuerttemberg. Unfortunately the church records required are not all online yet. Luckily Mr. Mohr from the Historical and cultural society of  Burghaun is helping me to complete the missing data. Therefore I’m very grateful and thank him very much.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take to complete the data fragments I have gathered so far and whether it will be possible to explain the origin of the name in that area and whether there are relationships to other regions in Germany.

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