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Successful search for the emigrants in the U.S.

Distribution of the Kemmler name, settlement of the emigrants

In the last weeks I have searched for the male emigrants in the USA who had left my hometown area the Haerten and recorded the descendants if the person was found.

The total recorded no. in my database amounts to 26.709 persons.  The total of recorded emigrants increased to 2.614. The emigration share totals to 9.79%.

The United States as emigration target has the largest share with 82,13%. From 1506 of the emigrants the death place is known (minimum level is the state) (57,61%) und for 1030 persons (39,40%) also the cemetery is known. From the 2147 US emigrants the death place is known for 1248 persons (58,13%)  and for 1021 persons also the burial place is known (47,55%).

The underlying data for the maps have been updated as well.

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