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No. of recorded emigrants continues to grow

2.660 Auswanderer Online

The search for the whereabouts for the known emigrants led to an increase of the total recorded emigrants to 2,660.

Here some short facts:

Total emigrants 2.660
 – emigrated to the U.S. 2,178
– thereof death place is known 1,265
– thereof burial place is known 1,031
Emigrants from the Haerten area: 1,057
– thereof death place is known 576
– thereof burial place is known 348

All the information is available on the webseite, as well on Please be aware that the ancestry link only shows the Walz family in the family tree view. To locate ohters you have to use the person search function to see all of them.

When you have found your ancestor in one of the lists, please contact me by email or by using the contact for  contact form  of the website. If available I’m happy to share additional information about the ancestors of the emigrated person.

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