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Unknown travel companions

Julius Zeeb, (born Nov 24, 1900 in Gomaringen)

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Based on our current knowledge Julius Zeeb joined a group of people from Maehringen, a city close to his hometown in 1924 to travel to Brasil. The group wanted to settle in a German community in Brasil called Blumenau. Julius hoped to get easier into the U.S. where his fiancée already lived.

Julius Zeeb is the man in the last row from the right (he is marked with a little cross over his head).

When Beatrice  Burst from the Historical Society in Gomaringen  asked me, whether I know how the other persons on the photo are – I had to decline. I have never heard of such a group of emigrants with a target Brasil.

Now I believe in you.  If you have any information about the emigration group of Maehringen or even know the people on the image I would kindly ask you to get in touch with me.  Any hint is highly appreciated.

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