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Updated emigration list online

1815 Auswanderer online

As I have started to intensify my genealogy research again I did a number of verification indicated by Rootsmagic the new software package I’m using to maintain my ancestral information. As a consequence new emigrants have been found and incorporated in my database. The number of  emigrants I have captured increased to 1.815. You can find the new inventory here.

I want to stress that the list only contains the emigrated persons. Sometimes you will a family but only if the whole family emigrated. There could be additional siblings or the parents and the ancestors be on file in my database.

So if  you have found some one, who may be your ancestor, please contact me and I’m happy to share the additional information.

In some newer entries I have recorded the position and the film numbers where you can find the record online if you have a subscription to or for their German collection.

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