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Karte der US-Beerdigungen

Based on the information stored in my database (as at July 22nd, 2022) about know burials I have preparared the subsquent interactive map.

The map reflects 3,874 entries in total and thereof are 758 emigrants where thereof are buried 754 in the U.S.

The map can also be accessed directly at ARCGIS Online:

The map contains two layers. The first one contains just the totals per cemetery (fawn color). The size of the dot indicates the no. of burials compared to other cemeteries.

In the second layer the hotspots have different colors and should match with the lagerr fawn dots. This layer contains all the details of the persons and can be shown clicking on the table symbol.

The data which forms the base of this map can also be downloaded as  Excel file

Die Excel file contains the raw data which can be filtered as well as two pivot tables which allows additional filtering and counting.

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