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New locations of origin of the name Kemmler found

Currently I’m trying to find hints about the whereabout of my emigrated Kemmler’s. Scanning through the newspapers I have found new locations in Europe where people emigrated from which I didn’t had on my map before. I have found emigrants from Lithuania, Russia, Schleasia and Palatine.

A special surpise was the evidence about Jewish Immigrants to the U.S. coming from Lithuania and Russia. It will be interesting to dig deeper in the ancestry of this family and the relation to the Kemmler family name.

Beside these new locations I have also found people who had been in my database but there was no evidence of emigration in the church records for these persons. In most cases there had been at least additional family member who emigrated to the U.S. as well.

Currently I’m working on Illinois and there is plenty of information available. It will take some additional months until I have completed all states looking for the various variations of typographie of the name Kemmler (Kemmler, Kemler, Kimler and partially also Kammler).

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